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TikTok Follower Counter

TikTok counter

What is the TikTok counter?

This is a tool that provides a real-time follower count of any TikTok account. There are currently various android and iOS applications available that help in counting the rise and reduction in the number of followers. TikTok counter is highly useful for the entire marketing industry around the globe. It has opened new pathways to marketing and has been proven highly useful.

TikTok Counter

How does it work?

The counter shows the real-time count of followers. When you click on “change user” you can look up any user on TikTok and see their followers. The statistics are updated every second and if there is an increase or decrease in the number of followers, the change is reflected on the display. 

Another way of using the TikTok counter that may be implemented in near future is by exporting an extension of the counter to another website. However, it is believed that the TikTok counter might soon be available to export to other websites as well just like we have Facebook and Instagram counters.

What is the TikTok counter?

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a popular social media platform that revolves around creating and sharing short videos. Usually, the videos are 5 to 120 seconds long on any random topic such as music videos and mimicry. TikTok is mostly used by the younger generation as they use it as a platform to showcase their acting skills and express themselves. TikTok ranges from comedy, dancing, and all sorts of stuff. It also allows people to share their videos across the community.

TikTok counter

What does real-time count mean? 

It simply means counting on the go, whenever there is an addition or subtraction in a count, the result is updated instantly. This is the concept of real-time counting. Applying this idea to the TikTok counter, it is a tool that gives us the count of current followers. However, do not confuse real-time counting with websites that need to be updated to show the changes. Real-time count means the count updates automatically without needing to refresh the website or webpage. It works much like a digital watch showing time. The digits change every second and every minute. 

Background info about the TikTok counter

The concept of social media app counters began long ago when Facebook took the internet by storm. During that time, if someone wishes to keep track of its number of followers, he/she had to update the webpage repeatedly to see the latest stats. This was quite a hassle as the number of followers of a certain person mentioned on any website would soon become obsolete. People had to update the data very often. To meet this shortcoming, the Facebook counter came into action and soon everyone started using it. The same goes for Instagram, Twitter, and other popular social media apps.

What’s the point of the TikTok counter?

Tiktok counter helps people showcase their number of followers on external online sources. For example, you start a blogging website and in the introduction part, you wish to display your number of followers on TikTok. Now instead of manually writing the count, you can use the TikTok counter to show the real-time count of your followers. If you opt to go the traditional way and writing the count manually, you’ll have to update the count very often every time the number of followers increase. Doing so would be quite a hassle and not the smart way. The TikTok counter introduces a much effective and simple way of implementing the same functionality with much ease. It has several key benefits for casuals and professionals alike that are stated below. 

1. Promote your brand

This counter allows professionals, growing celebrities, and TikTok enthusiasts to promote their brand and showcase their progress to the online world. As for the business, they get a chance to enhance their legitimacy and hence attract more buyers to their site. Watching someone having a decent number of followers might make us more open to that person.

2. Grow your business

Professionals can use the stats from the TikTok counter to their benefit. Why do you think WhatsApp updated its privacy policy that caused concern in general public? Large tech companies track our online activity, collect insensitive data and use it to their benefit to generate large turnover in the form of revenue generated. 

Just mention the word “handbag” to your friend when having a conversation on WhatsApp or Facebook and soon, you’ll be seeing ads related to handbags. In the case of the TikTok counter, you are getting free data and by no illegal means. If you are smart enough to cash in on it, it could benefit your business. 

Compare TikTok users

Another handy feature that the TikTok counter offers is comparing tiktokers. You can select any two TikTok accounts and compare them using the TikTok counter. The counter draws the comparison based on the number of followers by showing the count of both followers, which account has more followers, and the difference in the number of followers. Thus, you can easily estimate which TikTok is in the lead. 

The easy use of TikTok counter

The tracker is a great tool to use for TikTok stars, celebrities, bloggers, product owners, marketing companies, and businesses. It is an easy but effective solution to promote your online presence. Using TikTok counter is no rocket science either. It will automatically draw all the comparisons, assemble stats, and display graphs. All you need to do is enter the username of the account in the search bar.

How much does the TikTok counter cost?

As a general user, you don’t have to pay anything to use the tool. There is no one-time fee, subscription charges, monthly fee, or hidden charges. It’s a free-of-cost tool open to the general public at the moment. However, we can’t say for the future if the tool is ever to be used professionally by third parties or other companies. As a general user, you don’t need to worry a bit. 

Why should you use the TikTok counter?

You should use the TikTok counter because:

  • It is the fastest and most intelligent tool available. It allows you to stay updated on weekly statistics and keep track of live follower count;
  • If you want a real-time update on the follower count of the desired TikTok user;
  • The data available on social media sites is often inaccurate and you can not rely on that for long. That is why the TikTok counter is the ideal tool to track the live follower count;
  • TikTok counter keeps on updating within seconds which makes it the most accurate tool;
  • This tool is highly useful from a marketing perspective as it provides the correct estimate of followers which in turn gives the perfect idea about the popularity of the desired TikTok account. Thus, it helps in marketing campaigns;
  • You can compare TikTok users, see how fast a certain account is growing, how many new followers joined, or when was an account at its peak popularity;
  • Soon you’ll be able to import an extension of the TikTok counter onto your personal or professional website;
  • It helps you prove your legitimacy as a business and leaves a lasting impression on whoever visits you;
  • Using the TikTok counter is extremely easy. A simple search for the account and its details will be displayed instantly. 


This tool is currently the best tool available on the internet that uses the most intelligent algorithm to do its job! Apart from the live follower count, it also counts likes, engagements, heart reactions, views, and more. Not only you can keep a check on your favorite TikTok users, but compare your progress with your competitors as well. After all, it’s about learning and growing. Study the stats of your favorite TikTok users to learn & gain motivation from it.


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