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Instagram has become a byword in 2021. From celebrities to athletes, politicians, influencers, singers, artists, and casuals have all find a common socializing ground thanks to Instagram. For those who do not know, Instagram is a popular photo and video sharing platform owned by Facebook with around as much as 1.16 billion users. The best aspect of Instagram is that you can share your photos, videos, posts, and stories with your friends, family, or fans in an instant. It helps you stay connected with your acquaintances and let them know what you are up to.

Can we download Instagram photos?

Instagram is filled with all sorts of photos such as artistic sceneries, memes, pictures of your favorite celebrity, photos of your friends, and more. At times you might want to download a photo that you like from Instagram to your phone but there is a problem. Instagram doesn’t allow downloading or saving photos to ourdevices.

The reason for this restriction is Instagram’s copyrights rule stating that if you post any content (photo or video) on Instagram, you then own the copyrights of that content as well. As the owner, you can prohibit the sharing or copying of your content by other users. Therefore, to avoid copyright infringement, Instagram doesn’t allow saving or downloading any content from its site. Besides, Instagram doesn’t own any images or videos we upload. Only we or the one who uploaded has the rights. Therefore, Instagram is helping to secure the privacy of its users as a priority.

You won’t get a ‘ save to device’ option when attempting to download an image as we get on Facebook. However, there is a way around it. Instagram has made it complex for users to save any content from their side but you can still download Instagram photos on your device.

Instagram video downloader

Besides downloading photos on Instagram you can even download videos in mp4 format with the Instagram video downloader. It works exactly the same: you copy the url of an Instagram video, paste it into our tool and then you can download it very easily.

How to use Instagram photo downloader for PC and smartphone

There are a lot of websites that offer services to download Instagram photos online. The Internet knows the needs of 1.16 billion Instagram users and therefore, you can easily find Instagram photo downloader websites to aid you. How these sites operate is quite simple as well. Head over to the picture you wish to save. On the upper-right corner, click on the three dots that open the options menu. If you are using a Smartphone, from the menu, tap on ‘ copy link’ and this will copy the URL of the image. For PC users, you can simply copy the URL in the search bar of the browser.
Once you’ve copied the link, open the Instagram photo downloader website where you’ll find a bar that most probably says something like ‘paste link here.’ Paste the link you just copied and hit the download button. This will instantly download The Instagram photo you wanted so badly. Such websites are a quick and easy method of downloading Instagram photos right on your device.

Use a third-party Instagram picture downloader for Smartphone

Going for websites to download Instagram photos can be hectic and take consuming as you might’ ve got a lot of photos to save or you do so frequently. Another easy solution for downloading photos is to use a third-party Instagram picture downloader application. All you need to do is download & install an application from any app store and provide the URL of the Instagram photo you wish to save. The entire process is similar to what we did above when using a website. Providing the link to the photo will let you download it right in your gallery. Whatever the quality of the photo is, primarily depends upon the original quality of the photo. So, don’t pull out your hair to get a perfect picture quality. Although Instagram photo downloading apps are safe in terms of privacy and security, it is still recommended to go for a reputable app of a recognized brand.

Download photos from Instagram to camera roll Smartphone

Instagram has an option to capture photos or videos from an in-app camera and upload it to your profile. However, Instagram also provides us with an option to download the recently captured footage with few steps. As soon as you snap a photo, three dots will appear on the upper right corner of the screen. Tap those dots and you’ll be displayed an option to ‘save image’ to your device. Tap that option and the photo will be downloaded to your device. Another quicker way of doing the same thing is to toggle an option in the settings to automatically download those photos. To do so, go to your main profile page and look at the upper-right corner for the three horizontal lines. Tapping that button will open up the settings page for you. From settings, select ‘account’ and then tap the option ‘original photos.’ Next, focus on the ‘ save original photos’ option
and turn on a toggle right next to it. Toggling it ON will download any photo you upload to Instagram.

Download Instagram photos by coding on PC

If you have a little know-how of coding and internet technologies, you can code your way by downloading the Instagram photo. For PC users, browsers such as Google Chrome and internet explorer offer a quick solution to download Instagram photos by utilizing the source code of the webpage. First, open the Instagram photo you wish to download in a browser. Right-click on the photo and hit ‘view page source.’ Doing so will open another tab on the browser with some piece of code. At first, it might feel very intimidating but believe me, it’s pretty easy to work around it.

Press Ctrl + f on the source code webpage and a search box will open up on top of the screen. Type ‘.jpg’ in the search box and it will highlight different links that end in the ‘.jpg’ extension. Copy the first link that pop-ups. Next, all you need to do is paste that link in the search bar of another tab, and the photo you wished to save will be displayed. From there, simply right-click and save the photo to your system.

Instagram picture downloader software for PC

Another way of downloading Instagram photos on PC is to use relevant software just as we used an app for smartphones. Instagram picturedownloader for PC works the same as well. Provide it with the URL of the photo and it’ll download the photo onto your computer. You’ll have to download & install the software on your device to work and it’ll still need an internet connection.

Instagram photo downloader for iPhone

A bit of hassle that iPhone users usually go through is the company’s strict privacy and copyright limitations that restrict them from downloading some of the content that android users can access easily. Just as the case with other operating systems, Instagram restricts Apple smartphones from downloading content when using the app.

Download Instagram photos using URL

Surprisingly, downloading a photo from Instagram on an iPhone is as simple as copying the image’s URL and paying a quick visit to Safari. Safari is a web browser developed by Apple specifically for its users. All that is required from you is to paste the URL in the browser and hit SEARCH. The photo will be downloaded to your phone; no need for relying on any third-party website. Safari browser takes care of that by itself.

Use a reposting app

Apple store has many apps that let you repost a photo or video you came across. When reposting, you get an option to save that photo to your camera roll as well. Thus, you can download a photo by simply reposting it and saving it in the process. After downloading & installing a reposting app, log in with your username and password. Find the photo you wish to download and tap the ‘share’ icon located in the bottom corner. Next, select the ‘ repost’ option, and the app will do its job of saving the post. Tap again on repost to upload the photo but this time you’ ll be in your camera roll. From there, you can easily download the photo.

Go for a jailbroken iPhone

Jailbreaking is a term used to define the action of removing pirating and copyright restrictions from the operating system of an Apple product. A jailbroken device has gives the owner full control of the root of the OS. Consequently, your iPhone is now free from all sorts of restrictions on installing content. Once that is done, you can now try out few pirated apps that let you download Instagram photos with ease.

Private Instagram photo downloader

Setting an Instagram account to private means you are locking your profile for allvisitors. Those who visit your account will not be able to view any photos or other content. Only the followers of the account can view your posts. So if you are trying to download a photo from a private Instagram account, you must be following that user as well. Getting your hands on a photo belonging to a private account is a bit complex but still doable. There are a lot of private Instagram photo downloader applications that can help us downloading the photo in few steps. Simply search on your browser for a private Instagram photo downloader and from the results, open up any website that pops up at the top. After that, log in to your Instagram account and head over to the photo you wish to download. Copy its URL and head back to the website. There’ll be a bar saying something like ‘paste URL here’ somewhere on top. Do exactly that and tap enter. This will generate a new link in the bar below. Copy that link, paste it in the search bar of the browser, and hit enter. Doing so will open up a chunk of code that is the source code of the Instagram webpage from where you are trying to download photos. In the last step, copy the source code, open the website again, and paste the code you just copied in the last bar that asks for it. As you tap enter, a download button will appear and you can download the private Instagram photo by
hitting it. Lastly, do note that the user of the account might’ ve got a good reason to keep the account private. Make sure to respect its privacy and avoid misusing or spreading the photos with the consent of the user. After all, Instagram is all about living as a community and understanding one another.

Is it illegal to download Instagram photos?

If Instagram has restricted users from downloading photos from its site, does it imply that downloading photos would be illegal? Could there be any legal action against us? Will the FBI barge into our homes? (pun intended). The simple answer to this question is NO. You are not committing an offense by downloading a photo from Instagram as the pictures were uploaded on a public forum. Thus, we can’t expect strict regulation on content posted publically. However, duplicating, editing, or sharing any photo downloaded from Instagram could be dealt with as a copyright infringement if accused by the owner of the content. Moreover, misuse of photos such as blackmailing and harassing could stand against you in the court of law under the sections of online harassment and blackmailing. Other than that, keeping a downloaded photo of your favorite celebrity or a pieceof art on your phone is no offense.


Despite Instagram being a tech giant, it has deprived its user of an option to download photos to their devices. Instagram wants to keep the users engaged ontheir site instead of keeping the photos in their systems. Sounds kind of desperate, right? However, where there is a will, there is a way. You can still save Instagram photos by relying on third-party Instagram photo downloader applications and websites. Whether you are a PC user or smartphone holder, Windows user or MAC, Android, or IOS user, downloading Instagram photos is just a breeze. There are multiple ways of downloading the photos and you can opt for whatever one works best for you.]